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Theresa Shay

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Theresa Shay

Theresa is the Founding Director of TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania and a senior TriYoga® teacher who introduced the practice to Central Pennsylvania in 2000. She has taught yoga since 1996 in the U.S., India and Venezuela and has studied closely with TriYoga founder Kali Ray for over 20 years. Formally trained with a Master's degree in Education, she works directly with students and trains others to teach TriYoga. Her passion for TriYoga and loving presence invite others into an awareness that brings a fuller flow to life.

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Jill Buchanan

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Jill Buchanan


Jill is a founding member of TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania, having been a weekly student since the first class ever taught in the area in 2000. Jill joined the teaching effort in 2006 and was a member of the board of directors when non-profit status was established. A women's-health nurse practitioner with a current emphasis on HypnoBirthing, Jill believes in a wellness approach that connects body, mind and spirit. On the mat, Jill works with a wide range of students, honoring each individual and their needs. She is certified to teach Basics through Level 2, and finds great joy in offering classes and events to support women through pregnancy and parenthood. She and her husband Scot Paterson live in East Penns Valley, where they raised their three children.

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Morgan Ilgen

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Morgan Ilgen


Morgan Ilgen has been teaching TriYoga as a certified instructor since 2007, studying with Theresa Shay since 2004. She became a registered hatha yoga instructor through The Mount Nittany Institute of Natural Health’s Yoga Teacher Training program in April 2003. With a Master’s Degree in Education and PA teaching certification, Morgan teaches project-based curriculum full-time to middle school students. Morgan credits the practice of TriYoga with helping to guide and manage her longstanding journey with anxiety. Through compassion and awareness, she finds joy in sharing her knowledge and love of yoga flow and is particularly interested in the connection between yoga and athletics. 

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Jennifer Tucker

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Jennifer Tucker


Jennifer is a teacher, photography artist, herbalist and flower-essence practitioner. She discovered TriYoga and Theresa in 2002, finding the “perfect bridge” to a supple, athletic body and her intuitive, creative professional work. In 2011, she became a certified TriYoga Basics teacher, inspired to share TriYoga's transformative practice as part of a holistic pathway to self-awareness, self-care, and resiliency through trauma, injury and life’s inevitable challenges and changes. In addition to teaching Basics in Spring Mills, Jennifer works with individuals with health concerns and teaches healing workshops that combine yoga and herbal knowledge. Jennifer lives and collaborates with her husband Gerald Lang on their Georges Valley farm. Look for their donated artwork at each of the TriYoga studios.

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Kerri Zelman

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Kerri Zelman

Kerri's experience on the path of yoga brought her to teaching as a way of sharing her love of TriYoga. She has been teaching since 2011 and enjoys creating an environment of relaxation and fun in her classes. An experienced massage therapist in practice for over 10 years, Kerri has witnessed many of the challenges life presents to our bodies and minds. Her knowledge and skill in the world of therapeutic bodywork complement her interest in helping others deepen and expand into the healing potential of conscious movement and breath.

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Mary Klingensmith

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Mary Klingensmith

A retired educator with more than 35 years of teaching experience, Mary continues to fulfill her love for the classroom by teaching TriYoga to students and groups in Mifflin and Centre counties. Mary embodies the benefits of the practice, crediting TriYoga for the start of her new, healthier life. She is a regular presence at TriYoga Teachers Trainings in Central Pennsylvania and received her Level One certification through TriYoga Santa Cruz. When she isn’t teaching or studying TriYoga, you can find her connecting with her family, decorating the studios or keeping TYCP flowing in her role as Assistant to the Director.

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Justine Andronici

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Justine Andronici

Teaching yoga is the last thing Justine ever thought she would be doing. In her early 30s she was diagnosed with depression and several autoimmune diseases, the byproduct of unrelenting stress and a demanding professional life as a social justice attorney. Justine found wellness, calm, and joy with the help of TriYoga practices. She became a teacher in 2011 so she could help students bring those benefits into their own day-to-day lives. Certified in Basics and the breathing, concentration and meditation practices known as Prana Vidya, Justine teaches as a sub, works with individuals and offers group workshops.


The TriYoga Team

Joanne Cahill

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Joanne Cahill

Joanne discovered TriYoga later in life. Seeking strength, balance, and stress reduction, she found a practice that simultaneously provides an avenue for self-discovery. Joanne grows more comfortable and confident in her body and spirit as she ages. With a teaching style described by students as down-to-earth, intuitive, and gentle, she especially enjoys working with those wishing to remain healthy, flexible, calm and focused in their wisdom years.  She is the mother of 3 adult children, grandmother of 5 grandchildren and a recent Penn State University retiree.

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Sandy Vandeven

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Sandy Vandeven

In 2013 Sandy fell in love with the calming flow of TriYoga. Ever since, she’s been enjoying and exploring the embodied wisdom that’s revealed through the power of peaceful focus accompanied by a conscious breath. After studying with TriYoga teachers Theresa Shay, Citrini Ware, and Matt Beigle, Sandy received her TriYoga Basics certification in the spring of 2016. A native of Annapolis, Maryland, she lived and worked in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia before moving to Boalsburg. With its abundance of nature and local food, Central Pennsylvania has captured her heart. She is happy to call it home, and excited to share the gifts of TriYoga with her new community.

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Mairi Sim

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Mairi Sim

Mairi Chair.jpg

Mairi Sim received her TriYoga Basics Certification in May 2013 and served as a TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania teacher before taking a break. She returned to the TriYoga teaching team early in 2018 to offer Chair Yoga, bringing well-being to a new group of students and expanding the practice beyond the traditional image of yoga on a mat. A Centre County transplant from Glasgow, on the West Coast of Scotland, she found TriYoga exactly 6 months after landing in State College and never looked back. Mairi’s personal journey with TriYoga continues in Therapeutics, where she finds the right amount of movement for her body and mind. She is a firm believer that every body can do yoga.

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Anne Haynes

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Anne Haynes


Anne first encountered yoga as a teenager many years ago in a drafty community hall in Scotland. Little did she know then that decades later she would end up teaching yoga in Central Pennsylvania. As a regular student of TriYoga, Anne's need to deepen her own practice led her to Basics and Level 1 Teacher Trainings. As a TriYoga intern and substitute teacher, she then certified to teach Basics in August 2018. TriYoga has helped Anne create balance in her own life and she looks forward to helping others discover the life-changing benefits of the practice. She is especially interested in how yoga can help those affected either directly or indirectly by trauma, addiction and depression.

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Linda Egelhoff

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Linda Egelhoff


Linda lived in 13 places before she was 8 years old, and grew up (mostly) in St. Louis. She was planning to move to Colorado when a visit to family in Central Pennsylvania ("GORGEOUS") turned her life's course. She came to TriYoga® in 2010, inspired by its beauty and poetry of movement. Armed with a wry sense of humor and a fierce desire to help people and bring more good into the world, she is setting out as a certified Basics teacher to help others find the flow.

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