Caye Gummo

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Caye Gummo

Caye in Triangle 2 Asana

Caye in Triangle 2 Asana

In 2015 when Caye began attending regular classes at TriYoga of Central PA, she couldn’t touch her toes. Working as a cardiac sonographer, the repetitive actions of working with patients had taken a toll on her own body. Four years later, she is a certified Basics TriYoga teacher who happily places her hands flat on the floor.

A resident of Boalsburg, Caye is an avid cook and gardener, who finds contentment in a newly mulched yard. She teaches leg stretch to her husband, practices patience with her sweet dog, and relishes summers and other extended stays with her step-daughter.

Transformed by TriYoga, she is inspired to share the benefits in body , mind and spirit with her family and community.

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