Kami McWilliams

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Kami McWilliams

Kami in Warrior Posture

Kami in Warrior Posture

TriYoga found Kami in 2011.  On a whim, she attended a Basics class in her hometown of Howard, PA.  She fell madly in love with Yoga’s discipline and structure. Never thinking herself an athlete, she first became captivated by the changes in her physical ability.  Next came the challenge and ongoing commitment of quieting the mind. She is excited to take others on this journey and share with them all that she has learned. She truly believes Yoga transcends all stereotypes.   

Yoga exemplifies the principles Kami lives by: holistic healing, honoring Mother Earth, seeking knowledge in all things, centering of oneself, and always, always forward progress.

Kami currently co-teaches the Thursday 5:50 pm Basics class in Bellefonte.

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