Meghan McGinty

TriYoga Teacher Profile: Meghan McGinty

Meghan in Extended Tree Asana

Meghan in Extended Tree Asana

Meghan McGinty’s life on the mat has spilled over into her personal and professional life.

A former Peace Corps Volunteer and Advanced English teacher at State College Area High School, she has introduced the breathing practices known as Prana Vidya to both her students and colleagues at the high school. She opens her classes with the lights off, leading students through a 2-minute meditation. “They get to hear the silence in their own heads—and they’re really unfamiliar with that silence.”

 For her fellow teachers, she leads weekly after-school guided meditations, “an eye in the hurricane” that helps them get through to Friday. 

 She credits TriYoga for strengthening her relationship with her colleagues, students and partner.

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