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40 Days and an Intention


Join us online!

What can you change in 40 days? We've established a Facebook group where folks can participate in a 40-day practice and support each other in new efforts toward well-being.

Sometimes people choose committing to a daily practice (meditation, yoga, walking), shifting a mental behavior or thinking pattern, changing a habit with screen-time, or exploring a lighter diet more in keeping with the yogic teaching of ahimsa (non-violence). Whether you want to enjoy Cat Rolls daily, curb snacking, add walking, resist the lure of screen-time or get to the mat to breathe (it really does work and often begets a deeper, steadier breath), now's the time to go for it.

Head here to participate. For those who do not use Facebook, send your 40-day sankalpa to us at We'll keep you in mind and hold you in spirit, and we'll touch base a few times over the 40 days.

We're officially starting Tuesday, January 30 and going until Saturday, March 10, but you can start any time.

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