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Join us on May 6-7 at to support TriYoga during Centre Gives, a 36-hour online fundraising event. All donations over $25 will be matched with prorated funds from Centre Gives.

Your gift supports our dedicated work to foster physical, mental and spiritual growth and healing through the practice of TriYoga. Last year, TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania provided over $4300 worth of free services in Centre County. In addition, class fees remain low to keep the experience accessible to all. Most importantly, your donation makes it possible for us to embrace new opportunities that appear. Last year, in response to your donations of over $9000, we opened TriYoga Bellefonte, our third studio in Central Pennsylvania.

Support what you would like to see more of in the world. Share the opportunity. Bring yourself to this fundraising event, on time, online May 6-7.


TriYoga of Central Pennsylvania offers yoga in three locations: State College, Spring Mills, and Bellefonte, with yoga classes for beginners and advanced students alike. We have been providing quality yoga instruction and teacher training in the State College area since 2000, and our certified yoga teachers are trained to help all types of bodies be comfortable. Our State College yoga studio, Penns Valley yoga center, and Bellefonte yoga classes provide a peaceful, welcoming environment to support your yoga practice. Contact us today.

Classes in State College, Spring Mills, and Bellefonte, PA

Upcoming Workshops and Events:

June 13-15 — Retreat at Kripalu with Kaliji
July 2-6 — Level 1 TYTT with Theresa
August 6-10 — Level 2 TYTT with Theresa


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NEW!!   Your TriYoga Questions Answered. The first question is about breathing and meditation.