Level 2


Using knowledge from Level 1, this level continues to develop backward bending and hip openings. Forearm balances are introduced, as well as inversions away from the wall. Stamina increases through longer flows with rest postures spaced further apart.

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Level 3

Rotated Triangle

Using knowledge from Level 2, this level intensifies the practice and systematically builds strength in the upper and lower body. This level presents more involved turns, spinal movements, hip openings, inversions, and balancing sequences.

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At a studio near you, April 2017

Designed for those with a full life who still need to be able to catch a yoga class, this 60-minute mixed-level class relaxes, rejuvenates and resets the system. Appropriate for all able bodies, Flow-n-Go returns you to the world with newfound calm, energy, focus and perspective.

This class is offered:
Tuesdays in Spring Mills, 4:15 - 5:15 pm
Wednesdays in Boalsburg, 4:15 - 5:15 pm

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Mom & Baby Yoga

Connect with each other and your babies through breath awareness, guided movement, and relaxation-in-action, in an atmosphere of support and play. Moms with babies who are not yet crawling are welcome. No prior yoga experience is required.

This hour-long class is offered in Bellefonte on Saturdays at 11:30 am.


Meditation practices are integral to TriYoga. Each class includes quiet time for breathing, concentration and meditation. For more in-depth instruction on meditation, schedule a private session or contact us to be notified about special workshops on this topic.

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Teacher Training

Becoming a certified TriYoga® teacher is an individualized process tailored to each person's needs and abilities. It begins by attending regular classes (or working with the TriYoga DVDs if classes are not offered close to home). Once interest in teacher training is established, the student enrolls in the TriYoga International Internship program and begins attending Basics TriYoga Teacher Trainings (TYTT). After certification in Basics is achieved, teachers can continue with other levels. The length of the certification process for each level depends on several factors, including one's experience with TriYoga flows.